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WYOMING | All-Round Fenders

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City Fenders


Suited to an all-round use of your bicycle, LaSalle’s Wyoming model will dress your bike in a simple yet stylish way.

Performance and durability come from a careful selection of the best raw materials available, while you are sure to score points with its clean design and understated presence.

If your ride is a Cruiser bike, check out our vintage tones that will enhance it with a near-perfect match!

Tech Info

Front Fender
Max. Width: 65 mm
Max. Length: 600 mm

Rear Fender
Max. Width: 65 mm
Max. Length: 680 mm

Additional Features

Made from Impact Resistant Polymers
Vintage looks that go well with cruiser bikes
Recommended for 28” to 29” wheel sizes
Enlarged width, ideal for wider tires
Easy mounting