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ARIZONA All-Round Fenders

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City Fenders


To develop a set of fenders suited to a wide range of cycling activities, and at the same time, easy to mount, durable and affordable. Sounds straightforward doesn’t it?

But behind this simple goals, lies a carefull choice of high-quality raw materials and mounting components that will make your fender last longer.

Plus, with a tasteful range of color options and and all-round versatility, we hope that these “wheel partners” will transform your bike rides in rewarding and comfortable journeys.
Even if you’re only pedalling to the groceries store across the block.

Tech Info

Front Fender
Max. Width: 55 mm
Max. Length: 490 mm

Rear Fender
Max. Width: 55 mm
Max. Length: 690 mm

Additional Features

Made from Impact Resistant Polymers
Recommended for 26” to 28” wheel sizes
Easy mounting